Job Announcement

News article written by Victor M Reaux, BA.

Job Announcement

AMERICAN INDIAN HEALTH SERVICE OF CHICAGO, INC is currently looking for a qualified applicant for the following position.

Position Title: Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Salary:  Competitive


Duties & Responsibilities:

  • To perform casework of an advanced nature in situations of mental health services for the Native American community
  • Case assessments and the development of treatment plans
  • Crisis intervention of related social service situations
  • Provide individual family counseling and group counseling services.
  • Participate in a system of therapeutic care that provides support and strength to the clients of the program.
  • Participates in interaction between service agencies on behalf of individuals and families.
  • Educate and train providers in the care of suicide screening and evidence-based suicide care
  • Consult and co-manage in the treatment of mental disorders and psychosocial issues to support care coordination/case management
  • Encourage wellness and educate both patient and parent on good eating habits and living healthy
  • Attend weekly Care Team meetings
  • Review incoming medical documents and reports prior to the patient's appointment
  • Provide crisis support and intervention as needed.
  • Maintain client records and other statistical reports
  • Maintain current licenses, CME, and other skills


Knowledge, skills and Abilities:

  • Knowledge of behavioral medicine and evidence-based treatments for medical and mental health conditions for individual and family counseling
  • The ability to work at the pace of primary care, working with an interdisciplinary team, and has strong communication skill to ensure a coordinated approach to patient care
  • Understands community education to make accurate clinical assessments of mental and behavioral conditions, recognize the signs of suicide, and prevent and intervene in suicides and suicide ideations
  • Knowledge of TPC process, procedures and policies



  • Certification as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), hold licensure in State of Illinois
  • A minimum of three years experience as a Mental Health provider
  • Psychotherapy experience in a community setting preferred.
  • Must possess excellent organizational and communication skills. Self-starter who works with minimal supervision
  • Experience working on interdisciplinary teams
  • The ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing.
  • Must be able and/or willing to relate, understand, and/or have a working knowledge of the American Indian community and cultures.


Native American preference, however, all qualified applicants will be accepted.

Send resume to: Bobbie Bellinger

Fax: 773-883-0005



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