Domestic Violence Prevention Intervention Program (DVPI)

About DVPI

According to the National Institute of Justice’s most recent study:  55 percent of American Indian and Alaska Natives have experienced Intimate Partner Violence; 56 percent have experienced sexual violence and nearly half had experienced stalking, and at least two in three had experienced psychological aggression by an intimate partner.  American Indian Health Services of Chicago, Inc (AIHSC), intends to reverse this negative trend, by providing culturally informed support services, through AIHSC’s Domestic Violence Prevention Intervention Program (DVPI).

DVPI promotes the development and implementation of evidence-based and practice-based models of domestic violence prevention that are also culturally competent. The DVPI also expands outreach and increases awareness by funding projects that provide victim advocacy, intervention, case coordination, policy development, community response teams, sexual assault examiner programs, and community and school education programs.

Services that AIHSC’s DVPI program provides the following services:

  • One on one case management for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault
  • Resources and referrals to domestic violence and sexual assault agencies. This includes connecting clients to legal and medical advocates, per client request
  • Individual therapy for survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse/assault
  • Weekly Domestic Violence support group
  • Outreach and domestic violence, sexual assault/abuse prevention education

AIHSC’s DVPI program work in tandem with  the following AHSC’s programs: Youth Development Program, Behavioral Health and the Medical Clinic.


Natalie Schmidt, RN, BSN.

Danielle Bellinger, RN

Please note, that all members of the DVPI team have received the 40-hour Domestic Violence training, approved by the Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Additional Tribal specific Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault/Abuse resources: